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Educators, during the time I spent as a Career Preparation Coordinator, I developed a couple of on-line systems to place the responsibility of the program requirements on the student and to reduce my work load.  These methods have proven to be real time savers and a cost  effective process for recording and managing student data. 

Listed below are images and descriptions of the services that I would like to offer to you.  Each of these services come with a fee attached, but in most cases, the fee being charged is a savings to typical methods being used.  Feel free to click on the images for a larger view. 

I would also like to provide a few services to you for a nominal cost.  These services include training on the use of these forms and the other an "On-line Evaluation Form" that you can use with employers who prefer to use technology when completing tasks for you.  Click on the links identified on the left to review each of these services.

On-Line Employer Evaluation Form

The On-line Employer Evaluation Form is a fantastic tool to use with employers that prefer to use the internet or computers to complete tasks.  This method provides you with near immediate return of student evaluations from employers.  As the placement specialist, you would contact those employers that are interested in using this method via email with a link to the reporting form.  They complete the form on-line (designed to your specifications), click submit, and you get their completed evaluation via email instantaneously. 

This service has a cost attached to it, but the cost is relatively inexpensive and far less expensive than conventional postage costs.  I will create the web page of your evaluation form, maintain the website which houses your evaluation form, and have the completed evaluation forms forwarded to you (confidentially).

The cost for this service includes the creation of the evaluation page and annual hosting for $15.00 per year.

Click here to be redirected to a sample evaluation form.

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  On-line Student Hour Reporting Sheets

The on-line Student Hour Reporting Sheets are a great way for you to reduce the work you do creating, copying, distributing, and dealing with student hour reporting sheets and places the responsibility on the student.  It also forces the student to use technology which is and will be a major tool in their futures.

As the placement specialist, you would provide me with copies (Word doc) of the sheets that you use and I will then create your Hour Reporting Sheet Web page with Word and .pdf files that your students can download their required hour sheets.  Included with the links to each of these files will be the due date identified, so the student will see when the sheet is due.  This web page can be designed to match your school colors and include a school mascot, if desired.

The cost for this service is also minimal and will be provided to you for an annual fee of $20.00.

Click here to be redirected to a sample Hour Reporting Page.

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