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Hello, my name is Richard P. "Rich" Moll.  Prior to my retirement, I spent thirty-five years in education serving the students of Greenville Public Schools.  During those thirty-five years, I've been the Drafting & Design & CAD instructor for twenty-two years.  During the last four of those years, I also served the district as the Technology Coordinator.  I then changed positions and became the Career Prep Coordinator for which I spent the last thirteen years of my employment.

During my entire career, I was dedicated to providing the students I worked with about the most accurate real-life experience possible.  In my thirteen years as the Career Prep Coordinator, I was even more passionate about making the student's real world experience a life changer.   Also during those thirteen years, I averaged one hundred plus students per semester  in more than two hundred different businesses, in varying capacities. This volume of students was the catalyst that forced the development of these documents, files, and an Excel workbook that maintains everything related to the placement of the students. These files and Excel application are being used in four different counties in Michigan and more than fourteen individual school districts.

I've also served in a leadership positions for a Michigan Association, both as a regional representative and twice as the organizations President.

As a coordinator, the student has always been my most important concern, making sure that are in a safe working and learning atmosphere and following the rules and regulations of both the school, employer, and society while earning credit towards graduation.  The files and application presented here will insure that all rules and regulations are being met.

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